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For cutting and scoring all different materials when they need to be a different size or shape these blades, knives and cutters provide you with the perfect tool to be able to do this.

With products from well known manufacturers such as Stanley, Slice, Rapesco, Swordfish, Edding and Pilot you are guaranteed to be satisfied with whichever product you choose to purchase.

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Safety Cutting Knife Ergonomic Cruze No-Name
  • 4 finger and thumb grips placed in optimum position for both male and female users
  • Wider body profile allows knife to fit perfectly in palm of hand, increasing grip
  • Larger thumbnail cutter pierces tape without damaging content of carton
  • Curved edge to prevent cutter snagging on any ridges
  • Concealed blade for increased safety
  • Sculptured body, embossed grip area and eyelet all increase functionality
£4.04 ex. VAT
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Pacific Handy Cutter Raze 3 Safety Knife*Up to 3 Day Leadtime* Pacific Handy Cutter
  • The compact RZ3 Utility Knife combines the durability of an industrial knife with the safety benefits of a self-retracting safety cutter
  • To prevent painful and costly injuries the blade will spring-back into the cutter once the cut is completed
  • With a shorter blade depth the contents of boxes are less likely to get damaged
  • The unique integrated hinge design and easy-open dial make for a convenient tool free blade change
  • Plus the all metal construction is extremely durable For better retention purchase with the UKH-430 Plastic Holster and CL-36 Coil Lanyard
  • Self-retracting safety feature Compact design
£9.52 ex. VAT
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Pacific Handy Cutter Clip-On Lanyard*Up to 3 Day Leadtime* Pacific Handy Cutter
  • The CL-36 Coil Lanyard is multipurpose and the elastic cord easily stretches to facilitate any normal cutting motions
  • Users observe noticeable increases in cutter retention and report substantial reductions in replacement costs when utilized in combination with any PHC safety cutter and holster
  • It can also be attached to a work station to keep the tool close at hand
  • Attaches to all PHC cutters utility knives and holsters
  • Helps increase retention rates and prevent tool loss
  • Stretches to 48 inches
£1.29 ex. VAT
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Pacific Handy Cutter Banding And Strapping Cutter*Up to 3 Day Leadtime* Pacific Handy Cutter
  • The HH-700 is great for cutting plastic banding strapping twine and more With its strong steel head and impact resistant handle this heavy duty hook knife will get the job done Changing the blade with the HH-700 is so easy that you can simply slide the blade into place
  • Strong steel head and blade carriage
  • Impact resistant handle
  • Enclosed blade
  • Includes one RB-009 Single Edge Blade
£4.59 ex. VAT
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