About Us

Sourcing a trustworthy supplier can be a time consuming and costly business! Most organisations need a multitude of providers in order to source the products and services they require. So what if you could streamline the process whilst saving time, reducing costs and eliminating hassle?

Of course you need to know your supplier can be relied upon to provide the best value products and services but once you’ve taken the time to build a relationship of mutual trust, why not optimise your hard work and take advantage of our comprehensive portfolio?

We’re properly equipped for the task.

Let’s face it, there are lots of good Companies out there where you can pick up a stapler, or who can provide you with the most suitable furniture for your workspace. A simple 'google' search will realise a multitude of willing promotional gift and workwear suppliers – so why chose Swift?

Having being around for getting on for 50 years and having seen countless players join our marketplace, we have learned that the experience a customer wants when obtaining supplies for their working environment varies from business to business and individual to individual.



It’s not About Us – it’s About YOU.

And that’s what we’re really about – People!  We want to know what you and your organisation are all about so that we can work together to provide a service to best suit you.  Our people are qualified to take care of you and dedicated to making sure that whenever you engage with us you enjoy a positive experience and are given access to a wealth of practical know-how and inspirational ideas whenever you need them.

Every organisation has goals, every individual has dreams and, whilst your business supplies are probably not part of your big picture, the inconveniences caused by them not meeting your expectations can have a pretty big impact – imagine not having a replacement printer cartridge just when you need it to print out that £million contract, receiving branded items for your important exhibition that just aren’t up to scratch or sitting on a chair that is so uncomfortable that you can’t concentrate!

We understand that everyone deserves to work in an atmosphere and environment that inspires them, their colleagues and their customers and it is our aim, in a small way (or even a big way), to help you make this possible.